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Unformatted text preview: eatened by change situations. Managers can use three techniques to avoid these situations: – – – Perspective taking Threat­reducing behavior Reflection 10­6 COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES COMMUNICATION Can you communicate too much: – depending on the change and the image of the change manager the level and extent of communication can vary. Getting word out or buy in: – this differentiates between focusing the communication process on the provision of information or gaining participation in the process. Beyond Spray and Pray: – This communication continuum includes five approaches Spray and pray Tell and sell Identify and reply Withhold and uphold 10­7 COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES COMMUNICATION Contingency approaches to communicating strategy vary depending: – on the type of change e.g. Developmental or incremental Task­focused Charismatic Turnaround (Stace & Dunphy, 2001) – on the stage of change e.g. Planning Enabling Launching Catalyzing Maintaining (Reardon & Reardon, 1999) 10­8 COMMUNICATION MEDIA: RICHNESS...
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