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Unformatted text preview: as content, voice, tone, message, audience, medium, frequency and consistency. There are many problems can disturb the process of communication: – message overload – message distortion and – message ambiguity 10­4 LANGUAGE, POWER, GENDER & COMMUNICATION COMMUNICATION Language, power, gender and emotion can also impact the communication of change. Language reflects and reinforces underlying social and power relationships. Gender differences, for example, also affect this process. Three examples of the difference are: – – – Getting credit Confidence and boasting Asking questions Other gender differences relate to how feedback is given and received, how compliments are exchanged, and whether the communication is direct or indirect. 10­5 EMOTION & COMMUNICATION EMOTION Emotion is linked to change, and can also contribute to the breakdown of the communication process. Individuals can perceive that organizational change can harm them personally, thus their emotional state and sense of identity are thr...
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