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Unformatted text preview: e) communication strategy is used. Coach Focus is on ensuring people share similar values and are aware of what actions are appropriate to these values. The focus of the coach is “getting buy­in” to the change through shared values and the use of “positive emotions.” “Underscore and explore” interactions are used to engage in dialogue about the change. Interpreter Interpreters provide staff with a sense of “what is going on” through story telling, metaphors, and so on. They recognize that not all will buy in to the story of change, but the aim is to provide the most dominant account. “Rich” communication media are most favored. Nurturer The nurturer image leads change managers to reinforce the view that processes cannot always be predicted and that often outcomes will occur that are innovative and creative for an organization even though few people could have anticipated what these might be prior to their occurrence. 10­3 COMMUNICATION PROCESS COMMUNICATION The way change is communicated is important to the success of the change program The communication process, or mix, includes elements such...
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