Chapter 7 - Organisational Strategy In Global Environment

1242 actions for sustaining change change

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Unformatted text preview: n that responds to pressures for local A plan that responds to pressures for local responsiveness and customizes products to suit the needs of customer in each country it competes in – Duplication of value­creation activities in all countries – Authority delegated to each overseas division Global Geographic Structure Global INTERNATIONAL STRATEGY INTERNATIONAL A plan that offers customers in all countries a standardized product and allows foreign divisions to adapt products to local preferences only slightly – Managers abroad are in the control of the international division managers. Global Product Structure GLOBAL AND TRANSNATIONAL GLOBAL Global strategy: a plan whereby an organization reduces production costs so that it can offer foreign consumers products priced lower than the products that their domestic companies offer Transnational strategy: a plan that simultaneously achieves the advantages of both a global strategy and a multidomestic strategy SUSTAINING CHANGE SUSTAINING Once implemented, change is not always embedded in an organization The ability to make the change “stick” indicates the long­term success of the change There are a number of actions that can help sustain change. 12­42 ACTIONS FOR SUSTAINING CHANGE CHANGE Redesigning roles: This is...
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