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Chapter 7 - Organisational Strategy In Global Environment


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Unformatted text preview: ween divisions and headquarters Integrating roles and teams of functional experts are needed to coordinate skills and resource transfers. CORPORATE-LEVEL STRATEGY AND CULTURE CULTURE Cultural values and the common norms, rules, and goals that reflect those values can greatly facilitate the management of a corporate strategy. Organizations need to create cultures that reinforce and build on the strategy they pursue. IMPLEMENTING STRATEGY ACROSS COUNTRIES COUNTRIES Four principal strategies 1. Multidomestic strategy 2. International strategy 3. Global strategy 4. Transnational strategy STRUCTURE AND CONTROL IS A FUNCTION OF: 1. The decision how to distribute and allocate 1. responsibility and authority between managers at home and abroad so that effective control over a company’s global operations is maintained STRUCTURE AND CONTROL: STRUCTURE 2. The selection of the organizational structure that groups divisions both at home and abroad in a way that allows the best use of resources and serves the needs of foreign customers most effectively 3. The selection of the right kinds of integration and control mechanisms and organizational culture to make the overall global structure function effectively MULTIDOMESTIC STRATEGY A pla...
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