Chapter 11 - Transformational Leadership


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Unformatted text preview: d the leader Reduces employee stress and increases well­being. CAN TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP BE TRAINED? LEADERSHIP Yes! Transformational leadership is not a quality Yes! Transformational leadership is not a quality that only a few privileged individuals possess. Can transformational leadership be trained? (cont) be There are two primary methods for transformational leadership training: a) individual coaching sessions b) Workshops Studies by Julian Barling (Queen’s University, Canada) and Kevin Kelloway (St. Mary’s University, Canada) have shown that both training interventions are equally effective. Subordinates of trained managers report significantly more positive perceptions of their manager’s behaviors as well as higher organizational commitment than do subordinates of untrained managers. Small changes can make a big difference big What happens if a manager doesn’t have the time or the resources to attend such a training program? Can they try to become a little more transformational in other ways? Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference (Cont) Difference Kevin Kelloway and Julian Barling suggest that managers can start behaving more transformational by: a) Making...
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