Chapter 11 - Transformational Leadership

Substitute combine adapt modifymagnify puttootheruses

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Unformatted text preview: vity: Scamper Creativity: A simple check­list to help you spur creativity, if in a systematic manner. – Substitute? – Combine? – Adapt? – Modify? Magnify? – Put to other uses? – Eliminate? – Reverse? Rearrange? Power Power Environment Execution Communication Getting it Using it Coping with complexity Power Vision Self-knowledge Relationships Getting it Getting Environment Execution Communication Power Clarity of vision Currency of information Access to decision making Good working relationships Good track record and reputation Integrity Capacity to align their needs and yours Resources or access to them Problem solving Awareness of others Vision Self-knowledge Relationships Relationships Relationships Environment Execution Communication Working through others Knowing your emotional intelligence Building networks Rewarding and celebrating Life balance Power Vision Self-knowledge Relationships Relationships-Networks Relationships-Networks Environment Execution Communication Internal – Securing and developing others – Owning the work – Motivation External – Aligned with your vision and work – Supports their desires and ambitions – Shares the success and rewards Power Vision Self...
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