Chapter 11 - Transformational Leadership

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Unformatted text preview: ring others as it is about maintaining your organization's competitive advantage in the current economic climate. DEFINITION (CONT…) DEFINITION Leadership that inspires followers to trust the leader, perform behaviors that contribute to the achievement of organizational goals, and perform at high level (George & Jones, 1999). THEIR CHARACTERISTICS THEIR 1. Let go of things others can do. 2. Encourage initiative, Ideas, and risk taking. 3. Ensure that people have goals and know how they're doing. 4. Delegate to challenge, develop, and empower. 5. Coach to ensure success. THEIR CHARACTERISTICS (CONT) THEIR 6. Reinforce good work and good attempts. 7. Share information, knowledge, and skills. 8. Value, trust, and respect each individual. 9. Provide support without taking over. 10. Practice what you preach. HOW THEY BEHAVE? HOW Articulate a compelling vision of the future Use stories and symbols to communicate their vision and message Specify the importance of having a strong sense of purpose and a collective mission Talk optimistically and enthusiastically and express confidence that goals will be achieved Engender the trust and respect of their followers by doing the right thing rather than doing things right Instill pride in employees for being associated with them HOW THEY BEHAVE? (CONT..) HOW Talk about their most important values and belief...
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