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New Asian Immigrants

New Asian Immigrants - I New Asian Immigrants a The new...

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I. New Asian Immigrants a. The new Asian immigrants are different from the old i. Although large numbers still come from the Philippines and China, new large sending countries have emerged like South Korea, India, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Taiwan 1. A large number are also from the professional middle class and highly urban bringing education, skills, and training 2. There is also the low skilled poor immigrants who are locked in low-skilled, minimum wages, service sector on manufacturing jobs, or are unemployed ii. Also in this new period of immigration is the large numbers of refugees from the Vietnam war which devastated Indochina b. There were several historical and social factors that have played in the passing of this Act i. The Cold War had the US emerge as a place that wanted to portray itself as the leader of the “Free World” and played a role as it accepted refugees from communist countries ii.
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