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Rate ki2h2 3 pts perfect 2 pts substituted

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Unformatted text preview: + H2 H2I (fast) ½ I + ½ H2I HI (fast) 2H + 2I 2HI (fast) H2I +I 2HI (slow) ½ I2H + ½ H HI (slow) #3 is correct: 3 pts 5. (3pts) Briefly in the space below, state how you identified the best mechanism. !"#$%&'()&&*+,'#-"( FOR MECHANISM #3 6. (2 pts) Write the overall balanced equation predicted by the correct mechanism. I2 + H2 2HI 2 pts for perfect equation, +1 if still contained some intermediates 7. (4 pts) Based on the mechanism you chose, write the rate law for the overall reaction and state the overall reaction order. Rate = k[I2][H2] 3 pts: Perfect 2 pts: Substituted CORRECTLY for 1 intermediate, but not both 1 pts: Started with correct step, did not substitute for intermediates Overall reaction order: 2nd order 1 pt, based on rate law AS WRITTEN 8. (3 pts) Based on the reaction...
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