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10.Nigeria and South Africa

Fordhameduhalsallmod1948apartheid1h petty apartheid

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Unformatted text preview: .edu/halsall/mod/1948apartheid1.h Petty apartheid Grand apartheid– bantustans Struggle against apartheid Struggle 1960 Sharpeville 1960 Umkhonto We Sizwe Umkhonto Nelson Mandela (Robben Island, 19641990) – Rivonia court speech: read and discuss Rivonia read Major developments Major 1976 1994 1976 Soweto protest (against forced use of Afrikaans in black 1976 schools) schools) 1978 Botha president –softening of apartheid 1979 blacks may join trade unions 1984 two parliaments created: one for “coloreds”, one for Asians 1986 Pass laws for blacks abolished 1985/6: state of emergency 1986 stronger Commonwealth sanctions vs. SA 1989 D...
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