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wr estling for influence the economist eas t peac e

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Unformatted text preview: wor ld?: Wr estling for influence | The Economist Eas t peac e or trying to s ettle the future of Kos ovo) to entire pos s es . Som e 80 c ountries in the Proliferation Sec urity Initiative (an “ac tivity not an organis ation”) exc hange inform ation and train together to s harpen s kills for bloc king illic it s hipm ents of nuc lear or other weapons m aterials . Like the P5 plus 1 talks on Iran (s om etim es c alled the E3 plus 3 by Europeans ), there are s ix-party talks hos ted by China on North Korea (and inc luding Am eric a, South Korea, Japan and Rus s ia), whic h c ould yet evolve into a form al north-eas t As ian s ec urity dialogue. More c ountries are taking the initiative. China, Japan and South Korea, Eas t As ia's rival powers , will m eet this year for a firs t 3-m inus -ASEAN s um m it. China, India and Rus s ia m eet from tim e to tim e to re-s wear allegianc e to m ultipolarity. They m ay have little m ore in c om m on than an am bition to put Europe and Am eric a in the s hade, but earlier this year the foreign m inis ters of the four BRIC c ountries got together for the firs t tim e; their ec onom ic and financ e m inis ters will s oon m eet too. And with a wary eye to China's growing ec onom ic and m ilitary weight, Am eric a, Aus tralia and Japan have form ed s om ething of a s ec urity threes om e, though Japan's plan to inc lude India too was deem ed a bit provoc ative. Quirky but fam iliar globe-s panning organis ations inc lude the Com m onwealth, whic h knits together Britain's form er c olonies plus other volunteers and does good works in all s orts of out-of-the-way plac es , and the Non-Aligned Movem ent, a c old-war hold-over with 116 m em bers and c om m uniqués that leave no prejudic e unrec orded. But what of Mr Mc Cain's endors em ent of a League of Dem oc rac ies ? The notion is n't new. An Am eric an s pons ored Com m unity of Dem oc rac ies got going with fanfare in 2000. There is nothing wrong with m obilis ing freedom -loving governm ents to s peak up fo...
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