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But in an age when people m oney and goods m ove

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Unformatted text preview: m oney and goods m ove around as never before, this little group no longer c om m ands the heights of the global ec onom y and the world's financ ial s ys tem as the c ore G7 us ed to do when their s m all, purpos eful gatherings of the dem oc ratic world's c ons enting c apitalis ts firs t got going in the 1970s . Nowadays s um m its produc e m os tly lengthy c om m uniqués and photo-opportunities . And Rus s ia's s lide from dem oc rac y into s tate-direc ted c apitalis m has lowered the c lub's politic al tone. Ne xt in Un ite d State s Latest blog posts - A l l ti m es a r e GMT X Th e p r e sid e n tial e le ctio n W hite men c an vote In an effort to s how that the G8 is s till up with the tim es , Japan, like Germ any las t year, has invited along for a brief c hat leaders from five “outreac h” c ountries : Braz il, China, India, Mexic o and South Afric a. Yet this hands hake between thos e who did bes t out of the 20th c entury and s om e potential s hapers of the 21s t leaves hanging the ques tion of how the Re la te d ite m s Br itish h o u sin g : In defence of right to And there are a lotbuy em , even if they can’t dance of th International government: W hat a way to run the world Jul 3rd 2008 Blighty - 1 hour 20 mins ago Eg yp t's co n stitu tio n : It's time Cas sr odr a t h e our s n tmind itgo n Jul 5th 2008 F an m - 2 h p r i 9 e s a io Re la te d topics old world order s hould be adapting to the new. Southern Afric a Might the world be better m anaged by s uc h a G13? Or a G15 South Korea Re co mme n d e d Ame r icas r e ad in g : T oday's reading list or G16, to inc lude a c ouple of weighty Is lam ic s tates too? Or, Zimbabwe A mer ic as v iew - 2 hour s 46 mins ago to pres erve the group's original globe-s teering purpos e, by a NATO G12 of the world's bigges t ec onom ies ? Meanwhile, the global W orld Bank ins titutions s et up after the s ec ond world war are als o having Ch ar te r b id s fo r Time War n e r Cab le : Cable guys Sc humpeter - 2 hour s 53 mins ago to look hard at their own futures . Unlike the G7/8, whic h takes on a bit of e...
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