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But there are diffic ulties las t tim e am eric a

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Unformatted text preview: r dem oc rac y. But there are diffic ulties . Las t tim e, Am eric a found it hard to s ay no to friends , and not all its friends are dem oc rats . The new League (or Conc ert) of Dem oc rac ies would have c learer rules for ins and outs . Supporters s ee it as potentially an alternative s ourc e of legitim ac y, s hould the Sec urity Counc il be hopeles s ly divided: a two-thirds m ajority of the roughly 60 c ountries that m ight qualify c ould even authoris e the us e of forc e to deal with threats to peac e or to uphold the princ iple of a “res pons ibility to protec t”. But would a group of c ountries that s pans all c ontinents from Bots wana to Chile, and Is rael to the Philippines , ever m anage to agree on m uc h? A s uppos ed dem oc rac y c auc us at the UN has ac hieved little. Dividing the world ideologic ally again s eem s a s tep bac kwards to s om e. Nor c ould s uc h a c lub s olve pres s ing global problem s . Coping with c lim ate c hange needs China as well as India; energy s ec urity needs Saudi Arabia and Rus s ia, as well as oil-dependent Japan or the Europeans . The good news , given the ris e of lots of new powers and players , is that this is not the 19th c entury. Then governm ents had few m eans other than gunboats to s ettle their differenc es . There are plenty of guns about thes e days , but als o m any other ways to s ettle the world's dis putes . From the print edition: Briefing Rec ommend 137 Lik e 4 Tw e e t 0 Shar e 0 View all c omments (47) www.economist.com/node/11664289 7/9 1/14/14 Who r uns the wor ld?: Wr estling for influence | The Economist M o r e fr o m Th e Eco n o mist Se xu al mo r e s: Love in a cold climate Th e e co n o mic v alu e o f skills: Skills that pay the bills Ame r ica an d In d ia at o d d s: India shows who's boss Je wish n e ss: Who is a Jew? Cyclin g in Te xas: An uphill battle Ge r man we ap o n s fir ms: No farewell to arms So cial n e two r ks: Your number's up Th e sto r y o f g lamo u r : Beyond beauty Daily ch ar t: China trades up Re late d ite ms TOPIC: So u th e r n Afr ica » TOPIC: So u th Ko r e a » Aviation in Afric a: Going s outh As ian s hipy ards : The deeper the better The world in figures : Countries : Zimbabwe Regional his tory : The politic s of s tatues Rhinos in South Afric a: A horny headac he Tes t-tak ing in South Korea: Point me at the SKY TOPIC: Zimb ab we » TOPIC: NATO » The world in figures : Countries : Zimbabwe NATO’s future: Bac k to bas ic s...
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