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In s om e c as es regional organis ations are better

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Unformatted text preview: ngly s low. In s om e c as es , regional organis ations are better equipped to take the s train. Enlargem ent of the EU and NATO has helped s tabilis e Europe's borderlands , with m os tly European troops and polic e thes e days in the Balkans . Rus s ia m ay protes t, but its wes tern frontier has never been m ore peac eful. On a s im ilar princ iple of Afric an s olutions to Afric an problem s , the Afric an Union has provided troops in Sudan and els ewhere. But devolving s ec urity jobs to the neighbours c an be a dis as ter: the AU delegated the problem of what to do about Zim babwe's Robert Mugabe to a s outhern Afric an grouping, SADC, whic h left it to South Afric a's Thabo Mbeki, who did nothing. The hard-pres s ed people of Zim babwe are s till waiting for relief. Eas t As ia, the other big potential battlefront in the c old war, us ed to look very different from Europe, whic h has long had m ore than its s hare of s hoc k-abs orbing regional c lubs and ins titutions . Now, alongs ide the As s oc iation of South-Eas t As ian Nations (ASEAN), a s till lim ited talking-s hop, other regional c onvers ations are s tarting up. The ASEAN Regional Forum draws in not only China, Japan and Korea, but Am eric ans , Rus s ians and Europeans ; ASEAN-plus -three s um m its are c lubbier, involving only regional rivals China, Japan and Korea. A new Eas t As ian Sum m it exc ludes Am eric a but brings in India and Aus tralia, am ong others ; Am eric ans naturally prefer to boos t the As ia-Pac ific Ec onom ic Co-operation forum (APEC). Meanwhile Rus s ia, China and their Central As ian neighbours have founded the Shanghai Co-operation Organis ation, in part to c ounter W es tern influenc e in the region as NATO battles on in Afghanis tan, but in part s o that Rus s ia and China c an keep an eye on eac h other. Annual joint m ilitary exerc is es are a new feature. Problem -s olving groups c om e in all s hapes and s iz es , from quartets (for prom oting Middle www.economist.com/node/11664289 6/9 1/14/14 Who r uns the...
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