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They have been buttres s ed too by c onventions c

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Unformatted text preview: es , c ourts , dec larations , dis pute- F o llo w T h e Econ omist o n F ace b o o k See a selection of T he Economist's articles, events, topical videos and debates on F acebook. m ec hanis m s , s pec ial m andates and treaties governing everything from hum an rights to anti-dum ping c om plaints . The whole elaborate arc hitec ture has had extra underpinning from s trong regional organis ations , s uc h as the European Union, and les s elaborate ones like the Afric an Union and the various talking-s hops of Latin Am eric a, the Arab world and As ia, as well as from s teadying allianc es , s uc h as NATO. As a res ult, there has been no return to the dis as trous global c onflic ts of the firs t half of the 20th c entury. Yet that very s uc c es s has bec om e one of three powerful pres s ures to adjus t the way the world is run, as new ec onom ic winners (and s om e new los ers ) dem and a s ay. Pres s ure als o s tem s from intens ifying res entm ent and frus tration. After ringing dec larations on hum an rights and even the adoption by a UN world s um m it in 2005 of a “res pons ibility to protec t” agains t genoc ide and c rim es agains t hum anity, the UN Sec urity Counc il s till finds its elf unable to agree to do m uc h to protec t the people of Darfur, Zim babwe, Myanm ar and others from the m urderous c ontem pt of their rulers —jus t as in the 1990s the UN failed the genoc ide vic tim s in Rwanda. If the Sec urity Counc il, with a c harter of high princ iples at its bac k, s hows s uc h feeblenes s towards tyrants (or to thos e who c avalierly flout nuc lear treaties ), does n't it des erve to be bypas s ed? John Mc Cain, the Republic an c andidate for pres ident of the United States , s upports the c reation of a new League of Dem oc rac ies whic h, its boos ters argue, would have not only the m oral legitim ac y but als o the will to right the world's wrongs effec tively. The third im petus to rejig the way the world organis es its elf is a dawning realis ation on the www.economist.com/node/11664289 2/9 1/14/14 Who r uns the...
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