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To reem ergent china and rus s ia add not jus t india

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Unformatted text preview: us s ia, add not jus t India but Braz il (thes e four brac keted by Goldm an Sac hs in 2001 as the upc om ing BRICs ), Mexic o, South Afric a, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Aus tralia, to nam e jus t s om e of the new winners as m oney c hanges poc kets and the world turns fas ter. A m odern m ap of power and influenc e s hould als o inc lude trans form ational tools s uc h as the internet; m anipulators from lobbying NGOs to terroris t groups ; profit-takers s uc h as global c orporations and s overeign wealth funds ; and unpredic table forc es s uc h as global financ ial flows . The princ ipal c harac teris tic of this world, argues Ric hard Haas s of the Counc il on Foreign Relations in a rec ent Foreign Affairs artic le, is not m ultipolarity but “nonpolarity”. Doz ens of ac tors , exerc is ing different kinds of power, vas tly c om plic ate the effort to find a better balanc e of influenc e and res pons ibility. But the exc us e of c om plexity is no ans wer to the dem and for equity. Som e c lubs have proved m ore res pons ive than others . China got a new ec onom ic s tart s im ply by ditc hing Marx, Lenin and Mao. But its reform ers were able to tap the liberal rules bas ed s ys tem c odified in the rules of the IMF and the W orld Bank (and later the W TO) for ideas as well as c as h. China rejoined the bank in 1980 (the Nationalis t governm ent on Taiwan had been a founder m em ber) jus t as its reform s got under way. Ironic ally, Com m unis t-run China has s inc e been one of the s ys tem 's bigges t benefic iaries . But it is by no m eans the only one. Des pite the lates t s toc km arket dips and c redit s queez es , world inc om e per head has inc reas ed by m ore over the pas t five years than during any other s im ilar period on rec ord. The IMF and the W orld Bank, pragm atic ins titutions from the outs et, have adapted already, in fits and s tarts . In April the IMF reform ed the pec uliar form ula by whic h it alloc ates votes and financ ial c ontributions ac c ording to ec onom ic s iz e, res erves and other m eas ures (s ee c hart). China's s hare of vo...
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