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Unformatted text preview: verything, thes e ins titutions bas ic ally divide into two s orts : ec onom ic and financ ial, and politic al. At the pinnac le of world politic al m anagem ent, but looking inc reas ingly anac hronis tic , is the De flatio n in th e e u r o zo n e : How serious is the risk of deflation in the... Fr ee ex c hange - 3 hour s 4 mins ago UN Sec urity Counc il. Of its 15 m em bers , ten rotate at the whim of the various UN regional groupings . The other five, whic h wield vetoes and are perm anent, are Am eric a, Rus s ia, China, Britain and Franc e, roughly s peaking the vic tors of the las t long-ago world war. Alongs ide them is a s ec retary-general (c urrently Ban Ki-Moon from South Korea; this job, too, tends to go by regional turn), a vas t bureauc rac y at UN headquarters in New York, and www.economist.com/node/11664289 Ro san n e Cash an d So u th e r n mu sic: T he fabric of her life Pr os per o - 3 hour s 17 mins ago Go o g le an d th e in te r n e t o f th in g s: F eathering its 1/9 1/14/14 Who r uns the wor ld?: Wr estling for influence | The Economist Nest hundreds of s pec ialis ed agenc ies and offs hoots (s ee table). Sc humpeter - Jan 14th, 08:34 The More from our blogs » world had to be s aved Most popular not jus t Recommended Commented from 1 another Je w ishne ss W ho is a Jew? war, but from a repeat Great 2 Le tte rs: On Franc e, hotels , Heathrow, Iran, W illiam Petty , films , our "c ountry of the y ear" 3 4 Politics this w e e k 5 of the The Econom ist e x pla ins: W hy did the AK-47 bec ome s o popular? Jobs: Should the government guarantee work for every body ? Products & events Stay informed today and every day Ge t e -mail n e wsle tte r s Subscribe to T he Economist's free e-mail newsletters and alerts. Depres s ion of the 1930s . That job went to a c lutc h of ins titutions : the W orld Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), jointly known as the Bretton W oods ins titutions after the plac e of their c reation; the Organis ation for Ec onom ic Co-operation and Developm ent, a F o llo w T h e Econ omist o n Twitte r Subscribe to T he Economist's latest article postings on T witter ric h-c ountry think-tank s et up in 1961; the m uc h older c entral bankers ' Bank for International Settlem ents ; and the W orld Trade Organis ation (W TO, form erly the GATT). They have been buttres s ed too by c onventions , c onferenc...
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