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S illegal immigration over the top the world in

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Unformatted text preview: Illegal immigration: Over the top The world in figures : Indus tries : Defenc e Entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe: Silic on and pine Liby a’s s ec ond c ity : Getting wors e M o r e r e late d to p ics: W orld Bank South Americ a Sudan W ant m ore? Subs c ribe to The Ec onom is t and get the week's m os t relevant news and analys is . Se ctio n s Contact us Help My account Subscribe Print edition Digital editions Ev ents www.economist.com/node/11664289 Blo g s Re se ar ch an d in sig h ts United States Britain Europe China A s ia Americ as Middle Eas t & Afric a Bus ines s & financ e Ec onomic s Mark ets & data Sc ienc e & tec hnology Culture Multimedia library Americ as view Analec ts Babbage Bany an Baobab Blighty Buttonwood's notebook Cas s andra Charlemagne Democ rac y in Americ a Eas tern approac hes Eras mus Feas t and famine Free ex c hange Game theory Graphic detail Gulliver News book Pomegranate Pros pero Sc humpeter Topic s Ec onomic s A-Z Spec ial reports Sty le guide The W orld in 2014 W hic h MBA? The Ec onomis t GMAT Tutor Reprints and permis s ions De b ate an d d iscu ssio n The Ec onomis t debates W hat the world think s Letters to the editor The Ec onomis t Quiz Th e Eco n o mist Gr o u p » The Ec onomis t Intelligenc e Unit The Ec onomis t Intelligenc e Unit Store The Ec onomis t Corporate Network Ideas People Media Intelligent Life Roll Call CQ EuroFinanc e The Ec onomis t Store 8/9 1/14/14 Who r uns the wor ld?: Wr estling for influence | The Economist The Ec onomis t ex plains Jobs.Economist.com Contact us Help About us Vie w co mp le te site in d e x » Advertis e with us Editorial Staff Staff Books Copy right © The Ec onomis t News paper Limited 2014. All rights res erved. www.economist.com/node/11664289 C a re e rs Acces s ibility Site index Privacy policy [+] Site Feedback Cookies info Term s of us e 9/9...
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