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Unformatted text preview: ion articles in U.S. edition (9/7/07) One of top ten most visited websites. Critics question reliability and accuracy. accuracy Studies have concluded that it’s Studies generally as accurate as other encyclopedias generally 2. YouTube 2. Video sharing website for uploading and Video viewing video clips. viewing One of the top ten most visited websites. About 20 million visitors per month. 10 million video clips viewed daily. Recent “hits” include: Miss Teen U.S.A. South Carolina Leave Britney Alone! Also Jackass-like attempts at fame: Also Jackass Fence plowing and ghost riding 2 ghost YouTube’s Mass Communication Function— YouTube’s Most “Favorited” Content: Comedy? Judson Laipply (Evolution of Dance) How to ruin a wedding How Lin reports that relationships among Lin newsgroup members can be strong newsgroup CMC is superior to face-to-face for those CMC suffering from embarrassing illnesses 3. Social Networking Sites 3...
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