The Shadow Internet


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Unformatted text preview: conference: “The content distribution industry is going to evaporate.” Now: The Pyramid of Piracy Now: Topsites: One of about 30 underground secret servers where nearly all of the unlicensed music, movies, and video games available on the Internet originate. Once on topsites: Files propagate over the I­net in pyramid fashion before reaching P2P networks. Upper layers, called darknets, are nearly impossible to penetrate. The Shadow Internet The Very few media on the Internet come from store bought copies. Pirates infiltrate and steal long before public obtains new media products. Then “race” begins on topsites to copy and distribute illegal media products. Why? To be rebellious, for power, for fun. Where do pirates get their booty? Where 1. Industry insiders 2. Projectionists 3. Agents placed in disc stamping plants and retail outlets The Shadow Internet The The quality of bootlegged films varies, ranging from “telesyncs” to (awful) “cams.” Quality control important to most release groups —lots done to convert in a high quality but highly compressed format. The trickle down file sharing chain: (1) Insider, (2) Packager, (3), Distributors, (4) Couriers, (5) The Public...
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