Mother should also remain overinvolved with her son

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Unformatted text preview: tion inherent in such reframes that some family members wanted or benefited from the patient’s symptoms” (Nichols & Schwartz, 1998, p. 375) which might lead to greater resistance. Chapter 4: Strategic & Systemic Positive connotations should be distinguished from reframing. Reframing can be positive or negative. It is directed toward one family member and ascribes meaning to a behavior. A positive connotation, on the other hand, always addresses every family member’s part in the circular process that maintains the problematic interactions. By contrast to the strategic therapies, in this model the problem is not thought to be “useful” so much as it is something the family has gotten used to. In a positive connotation, the family might be told, for example, that the patient should “continue to sacrifice himself by remaining depressed as a way to reassure the family that he will not become…abusive…like his grandfather. Mother should also remain overinvolved with [her son] as a way to make him feel valued while he sacrifices himself. Father should continue to criticize [mother and son’s] relationship so that mother will not be tempted to abandon [her son] and become a wife to her husband” (Nichols & Schwartz, 1998, p. 375). The Milan systemic model originated as a meta-consultation model. Treatment often included all people who might be part of maintaining the problem. For example, if the family had been referred by another therapist who, in the view of the Milan team, had become part of the impasse preventing change, the therapist might be brought in with the family (who might also be invested in keeping the therapist enlisted in its coalitions and the maintenance of its homeostasis) and would be included in the positive connotation. For example, the therapist might be thanked for helping the family by failing to require changes. Later in the development of the model, the Milan therapist dyad might also be included in a positive connotation by the observing team. Rituals....
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