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Review all business aspects including insurance

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Unformatted text preview: ore their strengths. Ask them what minimum level of change would be acceptable and indicate that they are moving in a positive direction. As homework, the family might be asked to gather more information about a specific issue. 6. Contract (5 minutes). If they intend to return for treatment, discuss the number of sessions and the option of a time-limited contract. Review all business aspects including insurance information, fees, etc. Ask the adults to sign release of information and consent forms for taping sessions, or for gathering information from physicians, school personnel, or previous therapists. Provide an opportunity for family members to ask any questions before ending the session. Weber, et al., provide the following checklist to evaluate the initial interview. The therapist should have: Chapter 4: Strategic & Systemic 1. made contact with each family member and helped him/her feel as comfortable as possible; 2. established leadership by providing a clear structure in the interview; 3. developed a working relationship with the family without being either too professional or too personal; 4. recognized strengths in the family and in family members; 5. maintained an empathic position, supporting family members and avoiding blaming or criticizing; 6. identified the specific problems and determined attempted solutions; 7. started to learn the family's view of the world and each member’s language, style, and perspective on the problem; 8. began to understand the family’s repetitive behavioral interactions associated with the problem; 9. gathered information about significant other family friends and professionals involved with the problem; 10. negotiated a mutually acceptable contract. Following the initial session and the checklist review, the therapist should refine the hypotheses and plan for the next session. The referring person, if applicable, should be contacted. The therapist should decide what information, if any, will be shared. The circumstances of any collaboration should be determined. The therapist should o...
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