Revised Code of Ethics in the Phils - 2010

An evaluation shall be made of the significance of

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Unformatted text preview: reason to believe that a relationship orcircumstance involving a related entity of the client is relevant to theevaluation of the firm’s independence of the client, the audit team shallinclude that related entity when identifying and evaluating threats toindependence and applying appropriate safeguards. Networks and Network Firms 290.507 When the conditions set out in paragraphs 290.500 to 290.502 are met,reference to the firm does not include network firms. However, when thefirm knows or has reason to believe that threats are created by any interestsand relationships of a network firm, they shall be included in the evaluationof threats to independence. 85 Financial Interests, Loans and Guarantees, Close Business Relationships andFamily and Personal Relationships 290.508 When the conditions set out in paragraphs 290.500 to 290.502 are met, therelevant provisions set out in paragraphs 290.102 to 290.145 apply only tothe members of the engagement team, their immediate family members andclose family members. 290.509 In addition, a determination shall be made as to whether threats toindependence are created by interests and relationships, as described inparagraphs 290.102 to 290.145, between the audit client and the followingmembers of the audit team: (a) Those who provide consultation regarding technical or industryspecific issues, transactions or events; and (b) Those who provide quality control for the engagement, includingthose who perform the engagement quality control review. An evaluation shall be made of the significance of any threats that theengagement team has reason to believe are created by interests andrelationships between the audit client and others within the firm who candirectly influence the outcome of the audit engagement, including thosewho recommend the compensation of, or who provide direct supervisory,management or other oversight of the audit engagement partner inconnection with the performance of the audit engagement (including thoseat all successively senior levels above the engagement partner through tothe individual who is the firm’s Senior or Managing Partner...
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