Revised Code of Ethics in the Phils - 2010

Examples of transitional measures include having a

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Unformatted text preview: ionship (for example, whether the related entity is a subsidiary or parent); and • The length of time until the interest or relationship can reasonably be terminated. The firm shall discuss with those charged with governance the reasons why the interest or relationship cannot reasonably be terminated by the effective date of the merger or acquisition and the evaluation of the significance of the threat. 290.35 If those charged with governance request the firm to continue as auditor, the firm shall do so only if: (a) The interest or relationship will be terminated as soon as reasonably possible and in all cases within six months of the effective date of the merger or acquisition; (b) Any individual who has such an interest or relationship, including one that has arisen through performing a non-assurance service that would not be permitted under this section, will not be a member of the engagement team for the audit or the individual responsible for the engagement quality control review; and (c) Appropriate transitional measures will be applied, as necessary, and discussed with those charged with governance. Examples of transitional measures include: • Having a professional accountant review the audit or non-assurance work as appropriate; • Having a professional accountant, who is not a member of the firm expressing the opinion on the financial statements, perform a review that is equivalent to an engagement quality control review; or • Engaging another firm to evaluate the results of the non-assurance service or having another firm re-perform the non-assurance service to the extent necessary to enable it to take responsibility for the service. 290.36 The firm may have completed a significant amount of work on the audit prior to the effective date of the merger or acquisition and may be able to complete the remaining audit procedures within a short period of time. In such circumstances, if those charged with governance request the firm to complete the audit while continuing with an interest or relationship identified in paragraph 290.33, the firm shall do so only if it: (a) Has evaluated the significance of the threat crea...
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