Revised Code of Ethics in the Phils - 2010

The existence and significance of any threat will

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Unformatted text preview: fessional accountant in public practice has requested consent from a client to act for another party (which may or may not be an existing client) in respect of a matter where the respective interests are in conflict and that consent has been refused by the client, the professional accountant in public practice shall not continue to act for one of the parties in the matter giving rise to the conflict of interest. PART B SECTION 230 Second Opinions 230.1 Situations where a professional accountant in public practice is asked to provide a second opinion on the application of accounting, auditing, reporting or other standards or principles to specific circumstances or transactions by or on behalf of a company or an entity that is not an existing client may create threats to compliance with the fundamental principles. For example, there may be a threat to professional competence and due care in circumstances where the second opinion is not based on the same set of facts that were made available to the existing accountant or is based on inadequate evidence. The existence and significance of any threat will depend on the circumstances of the request and all the other available facts and assumptions relevant to the expression of a professional judgment. 230.2 When asked to provide such an opinion, a professional accountant in public practice shall evaluate the significance of any threats and apply safeguards when necessary to eliminate them or reduce them to an acceptable level. Examples of such safeguards include seeking client permission to contact the existing accountant, describing the limitations surrounding any opinion in communications with the client and providing the existing accountant with a copy of the opinion. 230.3 If the company or entity seeking the opinion will not permit communication with the existing accountant, a professional accountant in public practice shall determine whether, taking all the circumstances into account, it is appropriate to provide the opinion sought. 34 SECTION 240 Fees and Other Types of Remuneration In general.-- Fees charged for assurance engageme...
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