Revised Code of Ethics in the Phils - 2010

This reduces the risk of the firm inadvertently

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Unformatted text preview: nt, generally are deemed not to be a management responsibility.For example, executing an insignificant transaction that has been authorizedby management or monitoring the dates for filing statutory returns andadvising an assurance client of those dates is deemed not to be amanagement responsibility. Further, providing advice and recommendationsto assist management in discharging its responsibilities is not assuming amanagement responsibility. 291.146 Assuming a management responsibility for an assurance client may createthreats to independence. If a firm were to assume a managementresponsibility as part of the assurance service, the threats created would beso significant that no safeguards could reduce the threats to an acceptablelevel. Accordingly, in providing assurance services to an assurance client, afirm shall not assume a management responsibility as part of the assuranceservice. If the firm assumes a management responsibility as part of anyother services provided to the assurance client, it shall ensure that theresponsibility is not related to the subject matter and subject matterinformation of an assurance engagement provided by the firm. 291.147 To avoid the risk of assuming a management responsibility related to thesubject matter or subject matter information of the assurance engagement,the firm shall be satisfied that a member of management is responsible formaking the significant judgments and decisions that are the properresponsibility of management, evaluating the results of the service andaccepting responsibility for the actions to be taken arising from the resultsof the service. This reduces the risk of the firm inadvertently making anysignificant judgments or decisions on behalf of management. This risk isfurther reduced when the firm gives the client the opportunity to make judgments and decisions based on an objective and transparent analysis andpresentation of the issues. Other Considerations 291.148 Threats to independence may be created when a firm provides a non-assuranceservice related to the subject matter information of an assuranceengagement. In such cases, an evaluation of the significance of the firm’sinvolvement...
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