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I. Assimilation a. This is the belief that over time minority ethnic groups will take on the mores, lifestyles, and values of dominant group and gradually lose their own culture i. It was articulated by early sociologist, Robert E. Park, in the early 1900’s at the University of Chicago and came up with a “race relations cycle” 1. Contact initially between the two groups 2. Competition between the 2 groups for scarce resources 3. Accommodation 4. Eventual assimilation b. Assimilation in Popular Ideology i. After the Civil War, the majority were now from Eastern and Southern Europe and from Asia ii. Robert Park was afraid that since Asians were used to a lower standard of living, their immigration to the US would eventually mean a lower standard of living for everyone iii. Park concluded that the way to accommodate diverse races is through caste and slavery iv. An important assumption in the assimilation theory is that dominant culture is superior c. Scientific Support of Racism and Exclusionism
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