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Core Peripheral Stereotypes of Men White – heros, salvation, strong, green card, power/ Black – masculine, unstable, insecure, spit game (players) hyper sexuality Latino-lazy, laidback, chauvinistic, romantic, passionate, good dancers Native American – stoic, wild(savages), alcoholics, mysterious, wise, strong oratory skills, archaic(traditional) Asian – small(compact), smart, stable, quiet, lack of social skills, patriarchal(traditional) Hypergamy- The theory that Asian women try to marry up the racial ladder, a symbol of
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Unformatted text preview: assimilation Immigration - Reasons-Poverty-drought, famine-Oppression- ex. Koreans oppressed by Japanese-War ( Vietnamese War)-Opportunities-Religious families-Education-Forced migrants-Economic(sojourners)/professionalism Push – Pull Approach (pushing people out , the country they are from ------ the receiving country) World System Approach Peripheral – Asian, Africa, Latin America Core countries use peripheral ones for resources, a market, and cheap labor...
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