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Chinese iin latin based languages grammar spelling set

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Unformatted text preview: Some more similar than others (English/French vs. Chinese) IIn latin-based languages: grammar + spelling : set of rules for a n reader to understand a text reader Context sensitive What matters the most is what is written (eg, the ideas), not how x Programming languages: analogy stands “Big” classes of languages (OO, functional, imperative, …) Big” What matters is the semantics 6 Programming Languages x Almost an infinity of programming languages x Tens of them considered mainstream C/C++ Java Javascript Fortran (HPC) Lisp, Haskell VBA, C# Perl, Python Matlab … 7 Why so many languages? x Historically, started with very basic features: computers Historically, could do little could x Then, grown into general-purpose, easy-to-program, easy- to-test, easy-to-analyze languages x Different programmers have different objectives Java vs. C vs. Matlab x A simple language is easy to learn/process, but complex simple programs are complex/long to write programs x A complex language is more difficult to learn and process 8 Focus of this class: C++ x C++ is an extension of C (C with classes) C: Born in the late 60s, first release in 1972 C++: Born in the late 70s, first release in 1983 x From Bjarne Stroustrup From x High-level and low-level language x Statically typed 9 How to write a program in C++ x Some additional software is needed! x IDE (Integrated Development Environment) Visual studio / Visual C++ x Text editor + Compiler Emacs / vi GCC / Intel ICC 10 How to execute a program in C++ x After compilation: a binary program is created x This program can be run on a specific computer + This operating system operating Linux + Intel Core Linux + AMD Windows + Intel Core iPhone? 11...
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