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X example executing a file with my program x need

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Unformatted text preview: xecuting a file with my program x Need another program to execute the instructions in it But … how this program was created? x Flow: Processor executes basic commands (“O” and “1”) Assembler translates commands (“load”, “add”) into 0 and 1 Compiler translates C++ (“print”, “+”) into ASM You write the C++ program You 4 Programming languages x English is a programming language Why? Can describe precisely a set of instructions/tasks to Why? perform in order to solve a problem perform x What matters is the semantics! Example: “for all elements in set A, set color to ‘blue’” (Bad) example: “for all elements in set A, set tree to ‘blue’” x Syntax is (usually) specific to a programming language Example: “for (elt = A.first(); elt != A.end(); ++elt) elt.color = blue;” Example: “foreach elt in A; elt.color = blue” 5 Programming languages x Think about natural languages All “different” (English, Chinese, Arabic, …)...
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