cs31 lecture 2

8 a few observations x an algorithm is a high level

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Unformatted text preview: /else, etc.) 8 A few observations x An algorithm is a high-level description of a procedure x But it does not contain all the info required to implement a But C++ program out of it C++ x Each verb in an instruction can be elaborated in an Each algorithm algorithm x Only keywords and arithmetic operators never need to be Only detailed detailed 9 Second problem: compute the miles to refuel x Problem statement (informal) Compute the number of miles remaining before refueling x Step 1: formulate precisely the problem m: the number of miles done sine last refueling g: the number of gallons of gas consumed since last refueling c: the capacity of the gas tank (in gallons) Hypothesis: the car will have the same mpg for the rest of the Hypothesis: tank than it achieved since the last refuel. tank milesToRefuel = (c – g) * (m / g) milesToRefuel 10 Second problem: compute the miles to refuel x Step 2: write the algorithm Algorithm ComputeMilesLeft: IInput: nput: • • • m: number of miles since last refuel g: number of gallons consumed since last refuel c: the capacity of the gas tank (in gallons) Output: • milesToRefuel: the number of miles before refuel is need...
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