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G sqrt 5 what happens if an include is missing x lets

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Unformatted text preview: th: for basic math functions (e.g., sqrt) 5 What happens if an include is missing? x Let’s try! x In general, the compiler doesn’t know which file declares In the class you want the x Use Google/documentation to know the file to include 6 Common pitfalls with includes x Forgetting to include a header file x Including files in the wrong order, for dependent headers Note: if it is well programmed, this problem should never arise x Including a header that includes itself, without protection example: #include “foo.hpp” from “bar.hpp”, which itself starts by which including “bar.hpp” 7 Some syntax example x Include a system-provided header, called iostream: #include <iostream> x Include your own header file (extension: .h, .hpp, .hh) #include “myfile.hpp” x Be careful about where the file is located: the compiler Be must know where to find the header must The compiler knows the system include directories, but not your The development directory! development 8 Console output std::cout << “Hello World!” << std::endl; std::cout xThis is read “push to cout the string Hello World, and then This push a newline” push xSyntax std::cout is used to refer to the default console output “foo bar” is a (constant) string << is a binary operator, roughly meaning “push <rhs> in <lhs>” std::endl is used to refer to a newline symbol (\n) 9 A few examples std::cout << “foo”; std::cout << std::endl; // equivalent to std::cout << “foo” << std::endl; std::cout << “Hello” << “ “ << “World” << std::endl; // equivalent to std::cout << “Hello World” << std::endl; 10 Printing out variables x << can sup...
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