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10 do ai i done for i in 110 do print ai done 22 more

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Unformatted text preview: tion contains (usually) a variable, called the loop iterator Example: for i in 1..10 do print i done 21 A new data structure: vectors Loops are often applied on data that can be indexed by the loop iterator These are called vectors (arrays) Example: for i in 1..10 do A[i] := i done for i in 1..10 do print A[i] done 22 More on vectors Usually, can be seen as an ordered collection of variables of the same type The notation [<expr>] is used to determine which element of the vector we access It exists in C++ and in most languages (i.e. arrays) A vector has a size (number of elements), noted vector.size Example: A.size 23 Back to for loops: illustrative example Problem: sort a vector of integer numbers in increasing order 24 Algorithm for sorting Algorithm BubbleSort: Input: • v: vector of integer numbers (unsorted) Output: • v: vector of integer numbers (sorted in increasing order) • for i in 0..v.size-2 do • for j in i+1..v.size-1 do if v[i] > v[j] then • tmp := v[j] • v[j] := v[i] • v[i] := tmp • endif • • endfor • endfor 25 More on for loops for <iterator> in <lb>..<ub> do Uses only one iterator, which is an integer counter lb and ub defines the range of values this iterator takes Without further argument, it increments by step of 1 “for i in 1..10 step 2” increments by step of 2 Can be used to scan a set Example: for elem in SetA do 26 While loops Syntax: while <condition> do <instructions> done In English: “while the condition is true, do the block of instructions” Example: while (i <= 10) do print i i := i + 1 done 27 Differences between while loops and for loops There is no assumption of a loop iterator with while loops If you use one, the increment must be done explicitly If the condition of the while loop relates to a loop iterator, then it can be easily transformed into a for loop In general, while loops are less constrained, but require more information from the user 28 Example: keyboard input Problem: read a number from the user, with a guarantee that it is an integer number Algorithm ReadInt: Output: • i: integer number typed by the user 1.str := readFromKeyboard() 2.while (not isInteger(str)) do 3. str := readFromKeyboard() 4.done 5.return convertStrToInt(str) 29 Do loops Syntax: do <instructions> while <condition> In English: “do the block of instructions while the condition is true” Exam...
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