cs31 lecture 15

Setimagesize32 imsetcolorblack imsetcolorblack

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Unformatted text preview: eSize(32, 32); im.setImageSize(32, im.setColorBlack(); im.setColorBlack(); im.printImage(); im.printImage(); im.applyGradient(10); im.applyGradient(10); im.printImage(); im.printImage(); im.setPixel(10, 2, 1); im.setPixel(10, im.setPixel(20, 2, 1); im.setPixel(20, im.printImage(); im.printImage(); im.applySmooth(); im.applySmooth(); im.printImage(); im.printImage(); 3 Example of a design 4 Dynamic dispatch x Key feature of OOP x So far, classes hierarchy seen as a way to: Express a good design idea Express Reuse code x Dynamic dispatch enables the concept of “interface” It enables polymorphism x Main idea: the actual method implementation is selected at Main run-time, when the method is called run-time, 5 How...
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