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A class with methods and attributes the character at

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Unformatted text preview: f needed In to other functions (as a regular variable)
 to 103 Summary on arrays x Statically allocated arrays (eg, int a[10])
 CANNOT be Statically changed after the declaration (increase/decrease size)
 changed x Dynamically allocated arrays (eg, with malloc()
 CAN be Dynamically changed after the declaration, BUT needs to be freed changed x In all cases, you CANNOT know the size of an array apart In from where it is declared/allocated from 104 Multi-dimensional static arrays in C++ x Syntax to declare an array: <type> <name>[<size1>][<size2>]… Example: iint array1[10][20]; nt char mystring[256][2][42]; char x Syntax to pass an array allocated as above as argument to Syntax a function: function: <type> <name>[<size1>][<size2>] Example: void foo(int array[10][20], char array2[256][2][42])
; 105 Strings x C string: a 1-dimensional array of characters Example: char mystring[256]; x C++ string: an object storing 1-dimensional array of C++ characters characters E...
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