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Unformatted text preview: should expose its specific data modifier functions You don’t have functions to write your neurons directly You 112 But… what is an object? x A class is a type x An object is an instance of a class x It has an internal state (attributes)
 x It has functions associated to it (methods)
 x There can be multiple objects of the same class in the There program program std::string foo; // a first object of type string std::string bar; // a second object of type string 113 What is a class? x A class is a type, and you can declare variable (objects)
 of class this type this x A class in OOP can have: Attributes (fields)
, to specify data to be attached to the class Methods (functions)
, that can operate on the data in the class, and Methods on external data on x A class in C++ can be declared with The keyword struct (all methods are public by default)
 The keyword class (all methods are private by default)
 114 More on the syntax x Declaring a class with all attributes/methods public: struct <classname> { [attributes declaration, methods prototyp...
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