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Executed is 36 more on conditions x can use standard

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Unformatted text preview: aves the value of foo Example: unchanged unchanged 35 Control structure: if-then-else x Syntax in C++: IIf (<condition>)
 f <instructions1> <instructions1> [else [else <instructions2>] <instructions2>] x Instructions are usually a block, that is { … } x <condition> is an expression When it evaluates to 0 or ‘false’, then <instructions1> is not When executed, and if there is a else, then <instructions2> is executed executed, When it evaluates to any value not 0, or ‘true’, then <instructions1> When is executed is 36 More on conditions x Can use standard operators for comparison of values < or > or <= or >= or == Be careful: = is assignment, == is comparison 12 < 12 is a false expression 12 < 13 is a true expression 12 is a non-0 expression (hence “true”)
 x Conjunction/disjunction can be expressed with logical Conjunction/disjunction operators operators && for logical and || for logical or 37 Loops x Critical control-flow structure: iterative/repetitive process x Almos...
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