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In one cpp file and use it issue in another file in

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Unformatted text preview: ction prototype/implementation] } x Syntax for using a function from a given namespace: <name>::<function call> x Shortcut: using keyword using namespace <name>; x Alternative syntax for function implementation: <return type> <name>::<function name>([type1 arg1] [,type2 arg2])
 { <return [instructions] } [instructions] 70 Even more on namespaces x Namespaces can be nested namespace foo { namespace bar { namespace void blob()
; void } } foo::bar::blob()
 x Can split the definition of the namespace into multiple Can regions x Can go to the “root” namespace with ::myfuc()
 71 Potential issues x Multiple namespaces can define the same function x When using the using directive, ambiguity/unexpected When behavior may happen Example: std defines a function you have defined in your own Example: namespace namespace x Having multiple using directives 72 Using global variables in namespaces x Goal: define a variable associated with a namespace Example: store some internal state x Issue: how to declare a variable in one cpp file, and use it Issue: in another file? in For ex., cannot declare twice a function, we use function For prototype prototype Prototype for variable declaration: extern x Rule: a global varia...
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