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cs31 lecture 17

Int sometimes functions functions 60 exiting a

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Unformatted text preview: nt setANumber(42)
; setANumber(42)
; std::cout << anumber << std::endl; std::cout return 0; return } 58 Calling a function x Syntax: <function name> ([arg1] [,arg2])
 x Functions are expressions of their return type Ex: a function returning int can be used in an int expression x Be careful: void is not an expression type! Cannot put a function of void type in an expression x All arguments must be passed, and of matching type x Arguments may be evaluated in any order 59 Exiting a function x The ‘return xxx’ statement will exit the function The x For void functions, ‘return’ exits the function x The end of the control flow in the function is also the end The of the function of x For functions returning data, all paths in the control flow For that leads to the end of the function must lead to a return statement statement x Sometimes, the compiler may add ‘return xxx’ for int Sometimes, functions functions 60 Exiting a function x The ‘void exit(int val)
’ function exits all functions (including The main)
 when executed main)
 x break and continue do not exit a function, they only affect break the immediat...
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