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Namespaces well start with a simpler version well 25

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Unformatted text preview: en is called console/terminal output x Default keyboard is called console/terminal input x This technically needs the concepts of classes, objects, This namespaces, standard includes, etc. namespaces, We’ll start with a simpler version We’ll 25 Console output in C++ #include <iostream> int main()
 { std::cout << “Hello World!” << std::endl; std::cout return 0; return } 26 Including files #include <iostream> xThis instruction specifies that a file, called “ iostream”, is to is be automatically included at the beginning of the source code code xThis file contains the declaration of various classes to This manipulate the console input/output manipulate xMultiple header files exist iostream: for input/outut cmath: for basic math functions (e.g., sqrt)
 27 Common pitfalls with includes x Forgetting to include a header file x Including files in the wrong order, for dependent headers Note: if it is well programmed, this problem should never arise x Including a header that includes itself, without protection example: #...
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