cs31 lecture 17

Of i local to the function 42 j 43 j just refers to

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Unformatted text preview: gion 1 ends. / } // region 1 ends 77 The case of for loops x The <init> clause of the for loop belongs to the scope of The the for loop the x Be careful: a for loop is a nested scope: for (int i = 42; i < 100; ++i)
 sum += i; sum Is translated into: { // scope 1 starts int i = 42; int while (i < 100)
 { /// scope 1.1 starts / sum += i; sum ++i; ++i; } 78 Typical problems x Re-defining a variable that was previously defined (not an Re-defining error: it is a valid C++ behavior)
 error: x Trying to use a variable not defined in the current scope x Defining a missing variable in the wrong scope 79 A word on program arguments x Early intuition: the arguments of a function are stored on Early the stack the x Their value can be stored, or only a “pointer” to where the Their value is value pass-by-value pass-by-reference x In C++, scalar types (bool, int, float, double, char, …)
 are In passed by value: an actual copy is made passed x They can be passed by reference, using They <type1>& arg <type1>& 80 Examples void foo(int i, int& j)
 { i = 42; // there is a copy of i, local to the function 42; j = 43; // j just refers to an address in memory, outside the function 43; } int main()
 { int p = 1, q = 2; int foo(p, q)
; foo(p, std::cout << “p: “ << p << “ q: “ << q << std::endl; // prints p: 1 q: 43 std::cout return 0; return } 81 A word on strings in C++ x A string is a vector of charact...
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