cs31 lecture 17

X a class is a type x an object is an instance of a

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Unformatted text preview: mming is a paradigm A “philosophy” to design/organize programs A “method” to write programs x Some languages have built-in support for OOP C++, Java, Javascript, … x Some don’t C (but you can still follow the OOP paradigm!)
 109 Reminder: Imperative programs x An imperative program is a set of instructions, possibly An organized into functions organized x A few features, from C: Variables (local to a procedure, global to a program)
 Functions may have side effects (access to memory)
 The program can be organized into multiple files … 110 Why OOP is useful? x Way of thinking: life is about objects/people, what they Way know, and what they can do. A car cannot do the same thing as a dog car I cannot use my procedure “fetch the ball” on my car cannot x Contrast: reasoning about memory and actions to be Contrast: performed on this memory performed x Way of thinking: data and what we can do with it should be Way packed together, not decoupled packed 111 Why OOP is useful? x OOP tends to force modularity x OOP tends to force structure in program designs Hierarchical view of properties/behaviors x OOP tends to force the user to reason (more)
 about types x OOP tends to isolate the data from the user Or, it...
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