cs31 lecture 17

X needed the code source object implementing the

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Unformatted text preview: variables Return address (i.e., where to resume when the function exits)
 x This data is placed on the stack Special memory region in computers, to handle functions Stack has limited size by default (a few MB on linux)
 x Each time a function is called, some space on the stack is Each used used Recursive functions may go over the stack size! 64 The (memory) life of a function x A function can modify its own state (local variables / function arguments)
 x A function can modify global variables x A function in C++ can read/write any memory address in function the address space of the program! the x A function has side-effect when it modifies data outside function the function (global variable, random memory, …)
 the x Otherwise, it is side-effect free / “pure” 65 Libraries x Libraries are roughly packages of functions x In a nutshell: someone else wrote functions, which are In accessible to the developer of a new application accessible Do not reprogram the wheel! x Needed: The code (source, object)
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