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c31 lecture 16

0 value 163312393531953700 the magic of infinity 2

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Unformatted text preview: _PI/2.0) Value: 16331239353195370.0 The magic of infinity, 2: Code: float val2 = tanf(MATH_PI/2.0) Value: -22877332.0 Not associative: (x + y) + z is not (always) equal to x + (y + z) Not distributive: (x + y) * z is not (always) equal to x * z + y * z 34 IEEE Floating Point Q: how to represent “infinite” numbers in finite representation? -15 -10 -5 Denormalized 0 5 Normalized Infinity 10 15 IEEE Standard 754 Established in 1985 as uniform standard for floating point arithmetic Supported by all major CPUs Driven by numerical concerns 35 Overview of Center for Domain-Specific Computing Supported by NSF “Expedition in Computing” Program www.cdsc.ucla.edu CDSC Retreat, April 15 – 17, 2012 Jason Cong CDSC Director [email protected] 36 Focus: New Transformative Approach to Power/Energy Efficient Computing ♦ ♦ Current solution: Parallelization Next significant opportunity – Customization Parallelization Customization Adapt the architecture to application domain Source: Shekhar Borkar, Intel 37 Justification 1 – Potential of Customization [1] Amphion CS5230 on Virtex2 + Xilinx Virtex2 Power Estimator [2] Dag Arne Osvik: 544 cycles AES – ECB on StrongArm SA-1110 [3] Helger Lipmaa PIII assembly handcoded + Intel Pentium III (1.13 GHz) Datasheet [4] gcc, 1 mW/MHz @ 120 Mhz Sparc – assumes 0.25 u CMOS [5] Java on KVM (Sun J2ME, non-JIT) on 1 mW/MHz @ 120 MHz Sparc – assumes Source: P Schaumont and I Verbauwhede, "Domain specific codesign for embedded security," IEEE Computer 36(4), 2003 38 Justification 2 – Advance of Civilization For human brain, Moore’s Law scaling has long stopped The number neurons and their firing speed did not change significantly Remarkable advancement of civilization via specialization More advanced societies have higher degree of specialization 39 Project Goals ♦ A general, customizable platform for the given domain(s) Can be customized to a wide-range of applications in the domain Can be massively produced with cost efficiency Can be programmed efficiently with novel compilation and runtime systems ♦ Metric of success A “supercomputer-in-a-box” with +100x performance/power improvement via customization for the intended domain(s) 40 Chosen Application Domain: Healthcare has transformed Medical imaging healthcare An in vivo method for understanding disease development and patient condition Estimated to be $100 billion/year More powerful & efficient computation can help • Fewer exposures usi...
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