can you explain why the measure is moving in a given

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Unformatted text preview: he trend good or bad? (IE – is it heading in the right direction?) • Can you explain why the measure is moving in a given direction? Note that it may be helpful to refer to other ratios when seeking explanations. • IE – The deductible ratio has been increasing over time, which is bad. This means that we get to keep less of our billed charges. We're also catching up with industry averages and may be above them shortly. This trend might be a result of trends in charges or services. Our net price per discharge increased 33% from 1998-2002. At the same time, our net price per outpatient visit increased 87%. If payer fee schedule increases don't keep track with our increased charges per service, our deductible ratios will naturally increase. Additionally, this trend might be the result of higher deductibles on outpatient services. Since the inpatient-outpatient mix is shifting towards the higher-deductible outpatient side, our deductible ratio will naturally increase. More investigation is needed to se...
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