Add change and common size columns in the worksheet

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Unformatted text preview: • Add "% change" and "common size" columns in the worksheet. • Read the case carefully. In your explanations, you should see several themes arise. If you can spot these themes, you can choose those ratios and variables which best demonstrate the event you discovered by carefully reading the case. This allows you to re-use the theme as an explanation for trends in several different ratios. • Students are encouraged to perform one ratio write-up and submit for review before proceeding. This will insure that you're on the right track. The latest request for review should come no later than 48 hours before due date. Only two reviews per student or team. • This Project gives a large share of total grade based on your writing style. 'Running the numbers' is important, but the ability to explain is even more so. You should assume the reader has little knowledge of finance, so should explain things using common language and not technical finance terms. • Review the description of ratios in the text (chapter 13) in prepa...
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