It will remind you about the mechanics of the work

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Unformatted text preview: ration for this analysis. It will remind you about the mechanics of the work. last revision date: 2010.02.28 (P4_assignment.doc) page 1 of 7 HSA4170.Spring 2010 2 Healthcare Finance Project 4 &5 Assignment Project 4 2.1 Topics to Address • First, select three ratios from the "Financial Statement Analysis: Ratios" section of the worksheet. Select no more than one from each heading (profitability, liquidity, debt management, asset management and other). (Do not use deductible ratio.) • For each selected ratio, address the following: • Briefly describe the measure in simple terms. • Describe how it is computed, and state what it is telling you and give a simple example. Note that it is helpful to describe and give an example. • IE – The deductible ratio shows the percent of each dollar billed that is written off due to contractual allowances. For example, we may bill Medicare $1000, but if they only pay $800, we have a 20% deduction. • How does the 2002 measure compare with industry standards? • Is it g...
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