Name the file as follows hw5lastnamedoc for example

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Unformatted text preview: ios selected, you should include a graph that demonstrates reasons for trends over time. • Name the file as follows: HW5_<lastname>.doc. (For example, HW5_Smith. For teams, just one tem member’s last name.) 2.3 Team Work • This project may be performed by teams of students. • Team work is optional. The instructor will not assign students to teams. Students do not have to join teams if they do not wish to. • It is the student's responsibility to insure that team work is completed on time. • Entire team receives the same grade. • Maximum team size is 3 students. • If there are problems with the team, it is the student's responsibility to insure the quality of work submitted. Please choose your team member's carefully, as your grade depends on them. Problematic team members are the team's responsibility – instructor will not get involved or grant special exceptions. • Required notification • If you will be performing this project as a team, you must e-mail instructor by 03/10. This e-mail must list team members. This e-m...
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