Or does that interpretation depend on other factors

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Unformatted text preview: ood or bad to be above/below industry standards? • Or does that interpretation depend on other factors? (If it depends, please explain what other factors should be checked.) • Can you explain why the measure is above/below industry standard? Try not to rely on the technical equation, but find a simple way to explain. (Your explanation can use hypothetical numbers, but please indicate as such.) • IE – The deductible ratio is still below industry standards, which is a good thing, as it means that we may be doing better than the average hospital at keeping our payers' contractual allowances low. For example, while Blue Cross might deduct 20% from other hospital's fees, it is deducting just 18% for us. This means we get to keep a higher proportion of what we bill. Alternatively, we may be billing at lower rates, which means our fees are not as far above Medicare schedules (for example) as are other hospitals. • What is the 1998-2002 trend (up, down, steady, fluctuating)? • Is t...
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